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As kiteracers we need the most simple, light and technical bar it's possible to have. We don't need a bulky chickenloop, bar stopper feature, floaters, fancy graphics etc. Most of us don't even care for a safety-line feature. Large majority of the top racers in our sport have stripped down their bars to a bare minimum and never look back.

We studied what kiteracers really look from a race bar, made countless prototypes, gave them loads of time on water and finalized a solution we can be proud of - a full carbon racebar VMG_bar. Every component in the bar and trimming system has been carefully selected, planned and produced. Starting from full carbon bar piece and ending with LIROS line materials (Made in Germany). 

All that combined results a purebred racing bar that is extremely light (only 398g without flying lines, 210g just the bar piece), gives you a truly direct feel to your kite and serves as an unnoticable tool between you and your kite for you to get that edge in the heat of a race!

Once you have tried a carbon bar, there's no way back to a standard aluminium bar. It might sound like a cheap marketing tip, but it's true :)

VMG_bar is hand made in Estonia - EU!

PS. Connection tips:
* To connect your new VMG_bar to your existing harness you can use a carabin of your choice or check out our harness connection system;
* To connect your bar to your kite and reduce wear on lines, you can check out our pigtails.

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Trim system material
LIROS Dyneema® SK99
Line material
LIROS Dyneema® SK99
Bar material
Ronstan 20 and 30
Anodized Clamcleat
Rings material
Polished stainless steel

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